Windows 10. A wonderful product from Microsoft…

At least it should be…

Windows 10 has a lot of privacy issues, as we already could have read on other websites. [1][2][3]

You could try to disable all privacy related issue’s by yourself, but since that is a lot of work, O&O Software has created ShutUp 10.

This great and fantastic piece of software specifically designed for all things privacy for Windows 10.

The best feature about this software: It is free!

As you can see from the screen-shot above, ShutUp 10 has a lot of options. All of them are privacy related.

To ensure your most basic privacy, just choose Actions and the choose Apply all recommended settings. Now your basic privacy is restored. without limiting any functionality.

If you are a bit paranoid, you can choose Apply all recommended and limited recommended settings. It should however be mentioned that it might be possible that some functions under certain conditions not be available.

If you are really paranoid (and quite possibly wear a tin-foil hat), you can choose Apply all settings.

You can always make changes, because when you reopen the program, it will detect the current settings and let you make any changes to any setting it changes.

When a slider is green, it means that privacy issue is disabled (inactive) and when it is read, that privacy issue is still enabled (active).

Always make sure to reboot after changing any settings, to make sure everything is applied correctly.

Just download the program from this page.

Have fun and enjoy your regained privacy…

p.s. If you don’t have any biometric devices attached to your system, make sure to always disable that option under the privacy heading…